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BoBo is an English and French speaking architects’ practice with studios in Montmartre, Paris and Totnes, Devon. 

We specialise in the design and delivery of bespoke architectural projects.

BoBo is one of the very few architectural practices that is registered in both France and the UK.

There are many architectural practices in France who employ associates and staff with a good grasp of the English language, or even occasionally employ native speakers.  


It is much more rare, by virtue of the practice’s culture, experience, and educational background of its associates, to find a truly 'Anglosphere' architectural practice in France. BoBo is, in this sense, different from all other architectural practices in the country.


Why should this be relevant? It could be thought that it is only the language barrier that might be an issue for individuals or companies who wish to undertake building works in France. However, clients find it particularly useful to be able to discuss their projects and the issues that their brief raises with an architect who not only understands the process and context of operating in France, but who is also able to relate to the equivalent systems and processes in the UK, the USA and the Commonwealth countries, thus assisting in avoiding misunderstandings and miscommunications that can occur not only due to the language barrier, but also the cultural gap between the Anglosphere and the French Republic.


Initial briefings to develop your brief and ideas, via email or telephone are free of charge. This will assist you to fully establish the scope and feasibility of your project before any fees are due.

We provide different types of architectural and planning consultancy services depending on your specific requirements:


  • Surveys & Concept design

  • Preparation of Pre-application Documentation (UK)

  • Planning Applications (UK) / Déclaration Préalable et Permis de Construire (FR)

  • Building Regulation Compliance (UK) / Normes (FR)

  • Construction Drawings

  • On-site Services

  • In-use Services and Further Alterations

BoBo has developed a particular expertise in obtaining difficult planning consents, both in France and the UKIf this is the case with your project, please write to us via email with as much information as possible, and we will arrange to advise on the viability and potential timescales of your proposal.

Our architectural projects are high-quality and innovative, we seek to combine traditional environmentally conscious materials and local craft techniques, with the latest technology to create beautiful buildings fit for the future.

The term 'Bobo' comes from the French portmanteau of 'bourgeoise' and 'boheme', a pejorative sometimes used to describe the inhabitants of Abbesses, the area that is home to our office in Paris.

The trading name BoBo is used by two legal entities, BoBo SAS (France) and BoBo Architects LLP (UK).

BoBo SAS is registered with Ordre des Architectes in France (registration number S20757) and is an RIBA Chartered Practice (membership number 20047897).  It is governed by Henry Beech Mole who is registered with Ordre des Architectes in France and the ARB and RIBA in the United Kingdom, and by Agne Beech Mole who is registered with Ordre des Architectes in France.  


BoBo Architects LLP is governed by Robert B Mole who is a registered architect with the ARB and RIBA in the United Kingdom and Ordre des Architectes in France.

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