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Project: Private Residence | Location: Lauzerte | Budget: Undisclosed | Amenities: Guest House, Swimming Pool | Phase: Construction

The concept behind this scheme for a new Guest House, Pool and Private Cabin around an existing farmhouse in Occitanie was to work with the existing steep topography of the site's landscape. The area created around the swimming pool is cut into the earth in 'terraces' to resemble a quarry formation. The excavation proposed, and the siting and orientation of the swimming pool works with, rather than against, the landscape's contour lines to minimise the volume of earth removed.  


The proposed new buildings are timber-clad, to resemble local agricultural buildings, so that they appear secondary to the existing masonry structures. Each window, door, and opening has a set of shutters to allow these buildings to be securely locked while unoccupied. These buildings have been developed to be constructed from CLT and fabricated off-site to reduce overall construction time, and increase the precision of the final outcome. The project will then be implemented in two phases to allow for better management of the project costs; first the landscape, swimming pool, retaining walls, and site drainage will be constructed, following this, the CLT components will be transported to the site, installed, and finished.

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