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The process of engaging an architect and procuring a new building can initially appear complex.  It is more simply described by the following stages:

1. Briefing

Fees: None

An initial consultation to discuss your budget, what you like (or do not like), what you aim to achieve from the project, its practicalities, etc.

2. Survey

Taking accurate measurements of the existing building (if any) and surrounding land (sometimes a specialist topographical survey might be necessary).  This information is then drawn up to produce the basis for our set of working architectural drawings.

3. Concept Design

Fees: Invoiced monthly

Discussing ideas and producing basic plans and images of design options to help you visualise the proposals.  We then run through as many design options as needed to meet your brief.

Outcome: Planning Approval

(If planning is refused you have the right of appeal and/or resubmission of an amended scheme)

4. Planning Application (UK) /

Déclaration préalable or Permis de construire (FR)

Preparing drawings and reports required for submissions for planning approval.

5. Detailed Design (UK & FR) / Building Control (UK)

Fees: Invoiced upon completion of stage

Preparing technical drawings (with construction details) demonstrating how the proposed building meets current regulatory requirements.

Outcome: Approval of the design under the current building regulations

6. Construction Drawings

Preparing highly detailed drawings and product specifications that can be interpreted by builders and manufacturers.

We can then help you select an appropriate contractor to undertake the works, alongside advising on the most appropriate form of construction contract.

7. Appointing a Contractor

Fees: Invoiced monthly

Outcome: On-site supervision of building works and assessment of when the contract is 'complete'. (If appointed as contract administrator).

8. Construction

Oversight of the construction works on-site through regular site visits and meetings with the contractor.

You can now take possession of your new building.

9. Completion

Fees: Hourly rate as required

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