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Project: Private Residence | Location: Le Vésinet, Greater Paris | Budget: Undisclosed | Amenities: 5 Bedroom House | Phase: Post-Planning

This project involves the extensive renovation of a substantial detached house in the Greater Paris area.  The original building was constructed in the 1950's to resemble a manor house from the South of France, and as such bears a number of features atypical to the Paris region, including the use of uncut stonework and a red clay tiled roof.


The scheme involves the creation of new openings and increasing heights and lengths of existing doors and windows to offer a strong vertical proportion across the façade.  New balcony projections have been created at first floor level, as well as an interior scheme throughout.  A landscaping scheme proposes substantial beds of wild grasses and herbaceous perennials.  A timber pergola creates a focal point in the garden for external dining.  The client are a young couple who work in the fashion industry in Paris, this scheme provides a substantial family home in the Greater Paris region with a sense of traditional rural French architecture and a highly contemporary minimalist interior.

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